Lion of Judah Conference - Session Featuring Israeli Arab Is...

Lion of Judah Conference - Session Featuring Israeli Arab Issues - Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Sep 11, 2012 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Breakout Session 1: Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Israel's Science and High-Tech Sector Session Creator: World ORT The high-tech and science industry in Israel is on a path of clear growth and is responsible for 16% of total business product in the country. Today, women comprise over 35% of high tech employees and over 30% of them hold management positions. Each year more girls choose to enter science and robotics fields in high school, getting on track to technology and science education in university and beyond. What trends in contemporary Israeli education have led so many women to pursue and succeed in high-tech and science industries? Join a conversation with dynamic women from Israel's science and high-tech sectors to learn about their experiences. Featured speaker: Nawal Zaaroura Nawal Zaaroura is a chemistry teacher at Kfar Kana high school since 2005. She began teaching after completing her Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in Technion. At present, Nawal is pursuing her master's degree in Science Teacher at a unique program for outstanding Israeli teachers at the Weizmann Institute of Science. During her teaching experiences, Nawal has been implementing programs to motivate girls to actively engage in the learning process. Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Israeli's Science and High-Tech Sector (