Arab Citizens in the Start-Up Nation: A Work in Progress | J...

Arab Citizens in the Start-Up Nation: A Work in Progress | Jan. 19

Jan 19, 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Though renowned as the Start-Up Nation, Israel’s high-tech industry only employs 9% of the Israeli workforce, and less than 1% of working Arabs (some 4000-5000 individuals). In recent years, growing concerns about economic benefits of Israeli tech going offshore have prompted efforts to expand the domestic workforce and bring industry to more communities nationwide. Arab society, nearly absent from the industry just ten years ago, was recognized then as a ‘win-win’ for its potential as a labor force and expansion opportunities. Today, the existence a vibrant high-tech hub in Nazareth and thousands of Arab high-tech professionals are the results of dedicated initiatives to address the many barriers to high tech integration. While these expanded horizons for Arab citizens and for the industry, the full potential of such expansion has only scratched the surface.

Hear the inspiring stories of Arab citizens who broke through barriers to become part of the Start-Up Nation Success story. Learn about the strategic efforts to expand and diversify the high-tech industry, and how such barriers can be identified and removed.