Arab and LGBTQ in Israel: How Tahini is Sparking a National ...

Arab and LGBTQ in Israel: How Tahini is Sparking a National Conversation | July 23

Jul 23, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm

It’s been quite a year for the Arab LGBTQ movement in Israel. On top of COVID-19, protests and political crises, a series of events have pushed LGBTQ issues into the Arab public eye and national discourse. Most recently, a donation made by the Arab-owned Al-Arz Tahini company to Israel’s national LGBTQ association ignited unprecedented backlash both for supporting LGBTQ issues, as well as for not supporting them via an Arab NGO. As supporters rallied around Al-Arz in response, the ongoing controversy is bringing long-suppressed discussion of Arab LGBTQ issues into the open and onto the agendas of Arab leadership.
What light does this controversy shed on Arab LGBTQ realities in Israel? What opportunities does it present for Jewish-Arab LGBTQ relations and/or the Arab LGBTQ movement in Israel? How has it affected discourse among national political leaders? 
SpeakersJoin the Inter-Agency Task Force and A Wider Bridge on Thursday, July 23 at 12pm for a discussion with Hila Peer, Chairwoman of Aguda, Khader Abu Seif, activist and Spokesperson for Jaffa Arabs at the Tel Aviv Municipality featured in the 2015 film Oriented and Ohad Hizki, CEO of Aguda.