Tourism in Israel: A Taste of Israel's Shared Society | July...

Tourism in Israel: A Taste of Israel's Shared Society | July 16

Jul 16, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm

While Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel live in close geographic proximity, and more Arab citizens have been integrating into higher education and the advanced workforce, most still have few opportunities to get to know one another. Arab citizens, 20% of the population, living predominantly in all-Arab towns and villages and travel to major centers for work and daily life. But this is rarely the case the other way around. In recent years, more organizations have worked to create opportunities for Israelis to learn about their Arab neighbors by creating educational encounters as a domestic tourism opportunity. With organizational missions on hold for most American Jewish communities this summer, we are delighted to bring a taste of this kind of encounter to the Youngstown Federation community.

Join the Inter-Agency Task Force and Shared Paths on July 16 at 12pm ET  for a virtual ‘lunch and learn’ with Uri Kandel of Shared Paths and Bissan Salman, an Arab guide who will share her story as it relates to her home town of Ramle and informs her vision for a more shared and cohesive society.

Event Details:
Thursday, July 16 at 12pm ET
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