Speaker Tour: Ifat Baron and Sireen Nijeem on Integrating Ar...

Speaker Tour: Ifat Baron and Sireen Nijeem on Integrating Arab citizens into Israeli high-tech

Mar 15 - 21, 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm

This March the Task Force is coordinating a speaker tour for Ifat Baron, Founder and CEO of Itworks, and Sireen Nijeem, Arab high-tech engineer. 

Ifat Baron, founder of Itworks, works to address gaps in diversity employment and the need to integrate disenfranchised populations in Israel's high-tech community through training and job placement. 

Sireen Nijeem, an Arab woman from Jadeide-Makr, has broken numerous social and cultural barriers to become an engineer and now advocates for Arab women entering the high-tech sector. 

Some tour dates are still available. Host them in your community to hear professional insights and personal stories, and for a "behind-the-headlines" discussion of efforts to integrate Arab into to Israel’s most important industry. 

Current Tour Details:

  • March 16-17 | St. Louis
  • March 18-19 | Philadelphia

Please contact us for more information or to host an event in your community.

About the speakers

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Ifat Baron is an innovator and social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting the occupational and economic development of disenfranchised populations. In 2006, Ifat founded Itworks, a non-profit dedicated to promoting employment diversity in Israel's booming high-tech sector, via training and job placement of Arab citizens, ultra-Orthodox Jews, women, people with disabilities and more. Ifat is the recipient of Hadassah's Bernice Tannenbaum Prize in 2012, and International Alliance for Women's World of Difference Award for her work promoting economic justice and equality for women and girls in Israel in 2013.

Sireen Nijeem, Itworks alumni from Jadeide-Makr, an Arab village in the north of Israel. She holds a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from the Technion, making her the first female engineer in her village. Since graduating, Sireen has utilized the assistance and support from Itworks to advance her career, such as employment coaching, preparation for job interviews, CV writing and more. Sireen has been the first Arab professional in every company at which she has worked. Sireen did her internship at Procter & Gamble, continued as an analyst at L'Oréal Paris, and is currently working at a very successful startup, Solar Edge. Today, she is developing her own start-up with three female Arab engineers and is working to help more Arab women follow her lead.