Drivers of Change for Negev Bedouin Society in Israel

Drivers of Change for Negev Bedouin Society in Israel

Feb 22, 2018 12:00pm

In a country familiar with rapid social and economic change, Israel's Negev Bedouin stand out. With roots in pastoral desert tradition, today much of this population of 240,000 aspires to be a vibrant part of efforts to make the Negev thrive. The Government of Israel, likewise, views development of Israel's Bedouin society as a priority, and is investing billions to boost Bedouin municipalities. 

Yet, challenges in state-minority relations, the impact of socio-economic change on traditional culture, and barriers to growth and cooperation are part of the development landscape. How have new economic opportunities affected Bedouin society? What are the current realities, barriers and aspirations for future development? How has the role of women been affected by changes to the patriarchal society?

Mayor of the City of Hura, Mohammed Al Nabari, one of the most prominent leaders in Negev Bedouin society, spoke to a Task Force audience in New York about advancing innovative development projects in the region, strengthening partnerships with the government, and attracting a new generation of Bedouin leaders around a new vision for the future.  

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February 22nd - 12:00PM
New York City

About the Speaker

Dr. Mohammed Al Nabari is the Mayor of Hura, one of the seven Bedouin townships in the Negev. He has served as Mayor since 2004. Mohammed's past positions include heading a pharmaceutical R & D team at Agis (today known as Prigo). He holds a BA and an MA in organic chemistry, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a PhD in organic chemistry from Ben-Gurion University. He represents a new generation of model leaders in the Bedouin community and has developed close working relationships with various ministries within the Israeli government. As a scientist, public leader and visionary, he is bringing innovative approaches to improving the lives of the Bedouins of the Negev.