Women of Israel

Women of Israel

Sep 9, 2017 11:30am

West End Synagogue hosted Women of Israel on September 9th, a Saturday service program on the realities of Jewish and Arab women in Israel.

Annette Crohn discussed Israeli's Jewish women, and the Task Force's Liron Shoham spoke about Arab women in Israel.

Arab women are recognized as one of the most disadvantaged groups in Israeli society, navigating issues related to traditionally patriarchal elements of Arab society and their status as minorities within the state of Israel. Despite barriers and the distance yet to go, Arab women have made significant advances over the past two decades: they surpass Arab men in higher education and their rate of employment has doubled since 2003 and more than tripled since 1990.  Today, there are Arab women in senior positions in government, Arab women entrepreneurs, bio-tech executives, NGO directors, academics, scientists, filmmakers, journalists, and elected officials. These women are still a minority by far, but regardless of field, nearly all have assumed a leadership role to help advance others and strengthen the fabric of Israeli society.  

Event Details
Saturday, September 9th
New York City