Update and Insights into Israeli Hope in the Academia

Update and Insights into Israeli Hope in the Academia

Mar 9, 2017 8:45am

Israeli Hope in the Academia


Ayala Hendin, Director of Israeli Hope in Academia, a joint initiative of the President's office

President Rivlin's initiative, Israeli Hope in the Academia, aims to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the higher education system as a key component of the broader Israeli Hope initiative to create a stronger, more cohesive and shared Israeli society. While more Arab students are entering Israel's colleges and universities in recent years, they are still significantly underrepresented in general, and especially so in advanced degrees and in-demand fields.

Israeli Hope in the Academia aims to enhance academic excellence and diversify intellectual leadership among all of Israel's populations. How is the initiative addressing challenges facing Arab students? What is the status of implementation, and how does this initiative complement other efforts to enhance Arab students' access to higher education?  Ayala Hendin, Director of Israeli Hope in Academia shared insights and answered questions about the initiative's work.  

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Thursday, March 9th - 8:45am

About the Speaker
Ayala Hendin of Jerusalem, directs “Israeli Hope in Academia”, a joint initiative established by the office of the President of Israel. In this role, she works with The Council for Higher Education as well as with all institutions of higher education in Israel, supporting them in diversity and partnership oriented institutional work. She is currently a PhD candidate at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, researching diversity policies in higher education. Ayala holds an MA degree from the Federmann School of Public Policy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where her thesis focused on participation of Arab students in higher education in Israel. Previously, as a researcher at Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, she conducted the evaluation of the Council for Higher Education's multi-year access plan for Arabs in higher education.