Models for Arab Academic Success at Israel's Only Majority-A...

Models for Arab Academic Success at Israel's Only Majority-Arab College

Dec 6, 2016 8:45am

Zefat Academic College, set in a city with a large Ultra-Orthodox population, matriculates more than 50% Arab citizens—of whom a growing majority are Arab women. Overall, more Arab citizens are attending higher education throughout Israel and most campuses are instituting measures to become more welcoming to all. Still, Arab students face higher drop-out rates, are underrepresented in in-demand fields, and struggle to find employment upon graduation. What are the efforts and models of Zefat Academic College to foster the success of a large Arab student body? How do these compare with efforts to advance their Ultra-Orthodox student population?  President of Zefat Academic College, Professor Haim Breitbart shared statistics and anecdotes about the unique experience of students at the college.

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Tuesday, December 6th
New York City

About the speaker

Professor Haim Breitbart is the fifth president of Zefat Academic College. In the past, he served as Dean of the Faculties of Life Sciences and Natural Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, and as Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty in the Galilee.