Minority Women Tech Leaders: An Israeli Arab woman and an ul...

Minority Women Tech Leaders: An Israeli Arab woman and an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman changing the tech landscape of Israel

Sep 13, 2016 6:30pm

Two inspiring, ground-breaking Israeli hi-tech leaders — 
Nili Davidovitz, a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) woman & founder and CEO of Daat, and Reem Younis, an Israeli Arab woman & co-founder of Alpha Omega — shared the impact of bringing hi-tech jobs to all parts of Israeli society. 

Tuesday, September 13th

Hosted by Hera Huba female-focused coworking and shared office space.

In the past two decades, Israel’s high-tech sector has emerged as a powerhouse admired worldwide. 

The event focused on how this dynamic engine driving the Israeli economy is reaching Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) and Israeli Arab women, two groups that traditionally have not been involved in the workforce. The State of Israel has made significant efforts to integrate these two communities into the high-tech industry with the goal of closing economic gaps in these underserved communities and boosting growth for the entire economy.

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