Lion of Judah: "Start-Up Nation for all its Citizens?&q...

Lion of Judah: "Start-Up Nation for all its Citizens?" - Arab and Haredi Women in the Israeli High Tech

Sep 13, 2016 9:00am

The Task Force at the International Lion of Judah Conference:

"Start-Up Nation for all its Citizens?" - Arab and Haredi Women in the Israeli High Tech


Reem Younis, Co-Founder of Alpha Omega and Nili Davidovitz, Founder and CEO of Daat Solutions

Our session on Arab and Haredi women in Israeli High Tech featured inspiring, ground-breaking women removing barriers to high-tech employment. In recent years, significant efforts have been made by the State of Israel to integrate Arab and Haredi women into the hi-tech industry, including employment subsidies for high tech companies. Greater diversity is vital to continued domestic expansion of the industry and closing employment gaps for Arab and Haredi women will strengthen the economy as a whole. Reem Younis and Nili Davidovitz discussed current realities, challenges and opportunities in enhancing the contribution and integration of minority women into the startup nation. 

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Tuesday, September 13th

Washington, DC

The International Lion of Judah Conference brings together Jewish women philanthropists to hear from speakers, representing the diverse fields of arts, culture, religion, business, and politics, on issues affecting the Jewish community in the States and Abroad.  The dates for this year's conference are Sunday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 13.