Media Roundtable with Nazier Magally: Current Events and Med...

Media Roundtable with Nazier Magally: Current Events and Media Discourse in Israel's Arab Society

Mar 9, 2016 12:45pm

A luncheon discussion with

Nazier Magally,
acclaimed Arab writer and journalist in Israel,

on current events and media discourse in Israel's Arab society

Nazier Magally, one of the most senior and respected Arab journalists in Israel, has long served as a voice both for Arabs in Israel and a voice for Israel in Arab society abroad. His steadfast commitment to both his Palestinian and Israeli identities and vast journalistic experience have made him a valued thought leader, commentator and media host among Arab and Jewish citizens alike.

On Wednesday, March 9th at 12pm, Nazier Magally held a roundtable with North American Jewish Media journalists to discuss current events, leadership and media discourse in Arab society in Israel, including responses to the ongoing wave of attacks and the diversity of Arab discourse not generally seen in Hebrew or English media.


About the speaker:

Nazier Magally is a writer and journalist who lives and works in Nazareth, Israel. He served as editor-in-chief of Al-Ittihad, Israel's only Arabic-language daily. He presently is a member of the editorial staff of Eretz Aheret, a columnist about matters of Israel for the London-based newspaper Asharq Alawsat, and the host of several news magazines on the Second Channel of Israeli television. Mr. Magally teaches at Bir Zeit University on the West Bank and has taught at Ben-Gurion University. He is a long-time activist in matters concerning the relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel and the region. In 2003, he led with Father Emile Shofani a delegation of Arab and Jewish notables to Auschwitz.