Law Enforcement in Israel's Arab Localities: Challenges and ...

Law Enforcement in Israel's Arab Localities: Challenges and Developments

Apr 21, 2016 12:00pm

A conference call with:

Commander Adv. Rakefet Levin
Police Education Officer

Commander Haim Sargarof
Chief of the Kedma Station (Southern triangle area)

Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu
Co-executive Director, The Abraham Fund Initiatives

Both Arab and Jewish leadership have long sought more effective law enforcement in Israel's Arab society, yet police-Arab relations in Israel are fraught by a history of conflict and mistrust. Recent violence and tensions in Israel have brought these issues to the fore. On top of significant efforts in recent years to develop multicultural competencies within the police force, the cabinet just approved a multi-billion Shekel plan for new executive administration and a deputy commissioner for police services in Arab society.

The police's national education officer, Commander Adv. Rakefet Levin, Commander Haim Sargarof, Chief of the Kedma Station serving many Arab localities, and Amnon Be'eri Sulitzeanu of the Abraham Fund Initiatives discussed law enforcement in Israel's Arab society, efforts to develop multicultural competencies within the police force, and prospects for the new administration with a Task Force audience on a conference call. 



About the speakers:

Commander Haim Sargarof
Commander Haim Sargarof is the Police Chief Kdema Station (Southern Triangle). He served as in the IDF as Commander of new recruits and since his release from the army in 1993 as served as officer and commander at the Israeli police, in various police units. Major roles included: Officer Operation Division in Tel Aviv; North Tel Aviv Station Commander; and Deputy Chief of Sub-District South Tel Aviv. Commander Sargarof finished his BA in International Relations at the Open University, and received his MA in Administration and Education from Derby University.

Commander Adv. Rakefet Levin 
Commander Adv. Rakefet Levin is the Police's Chief Education Officer. She has a First degree in Law and a second degree in business administration. She has been practicing law since 1991 and has served in the police force since 1992 in a number of education and training positions. She has served as the police's Chief Education Officer since 2010.

Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu 
Prior to serving as co-executive director of The Abraham Fund Initiatives, Amnon served as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Jerusalem Foundation, under the leadership of Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek and Ms. Ruth Cheshin. Prior to this, he worked as an Adviser to the Minister of Immigrant Absorption, Mr. Yair Tsaban (Meretz), and as the spokesperson of the Ministry.