Shared Society on Campus: Inclusivity in the classroom to co...

Shared Society on Campus: Inclusivity in the classroom to community leadership

Oct 13, 2015 12:30pm

Israel's colleges and universities are often the first place where Arab and Jewish citizens are immersed in a shared experience. In recent years, more Israeli institutions are recognizing a need to foster a inclusivity and integrate share society practices on campus. How are efforts on Israel's college and universities affecting Jewish-Arab relations beyond the campus?

Join us for a webinar with Professor Yaarah Bar-On, President of Oranim College of Education, to hear about large scale efforts to create shared society on the Oranim campus, and the role of teachers in instilling these values for future generations. She will be joined by colleagues Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman and Saher Mahameed to discuss how campus-led efforts can foster community leadership towards shared society in Israel as a whole.

Join us for an insightful discussion.

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Tuesday, October 13 - 12:30 PM ET
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About the speakers

Professor Yaarah Bar-On
Professor Bar-On is President of the Oranim Academic College of Education and a member of the board of the National Library of Israel. She was formerly a fellow at the Mandel School of Educational Leadership (1997-1999); headed the Education Ministry department that oversaw implementation of the Shenhar & Kremnitzer reports, which dealt with Pluralism in Judaism and Civics+Peace education, respectively (1999-2002); and served as deputy-president for academic affairs at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem (2003-2012). Bar-On is a social historian and has published three books on the lives of women (in Hebrew): Crowded Delivery Room: Gender and Public Opinion in Early Modern Gynecology (2000); Sunrise in the Mediterranean: An American Women in the Labor Battalions ( 2005); and A Jewish Witch in the Court of Louis XIII (2011). She holds a doctorate from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman
Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman is Head of the Community Building Department of the Shdemot Center for Community Leadership Development at Oranim, the Academic College of Education of the Kibbutz Movement. She specialized in conceptual development, strategic planning and active support for the development and building of communities in urban, rural, and peripheral localities in Israel. Dr. Shadmi-Wortman serves as the head of the "Leadership and Management in the Community" track as part of the teachers training and B.A studies at Oranim, where she herself teaches several courses. In addition, Dr. Shadmi-Wortman heads a group of professionals from Oranim College that actively support Israeli communities in promoting social cohesion through community networks. She also builds training programs for leading teams and designs intervention processes for communities. Sara Shadmi-Wortman has a BA degree in Sociology & Education, a Master's degree in Political Communication and a Ph.D. in Education & Community Building. Her doctoral thesis was on the subject of Social Capital as a Foundation of Community Building. She is also a graduate of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.