Arab Citizen Inclusion and Representation in Mainstream Medi...

Arab Citizen Inclusion and Representation in Mainstream Media and National Conferences

Jul 29, 2015 12:00pm

On the whole, Arab citizens remain largely absent as experts in Israel's vibrant media and professional conference circuits. While issues of diversity, access and representation have risen in relation to employment in Israel, they are still generally outside the scope of broader knowledge and speaker networks. Arab citizens, for their part, also frequently don't know of or don't respond to calls for papers or participation.

Join us to hear from Bayan Majadly of Kol Zchut and Chassia Chomsky-Porat of Sikkuy about why increasing exposure to speakers from diverse backgrounds in mainstream media and national conferences is a rising priority in Israel's civil society, and what is being done to enhance participation.

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July 29th, 12pm ET
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This webinar is part of our series on Arab Citizens in the Public Sphere. Click to learn more.

About the speakers:

Bayan Majadly
Bayan Majadly currently works as the Arab Director at "Kolzchut" ("All Rights"), a non-for profit leading an online-database about rights and entitlements in Israel. Prior, Bayan was a Media and Diversity Consultant at "Anu". Bayan holds a Bachelor of Communication and Sociology Degree (Tel- Aviv University) and is currently in the final stages of her MA Thesis (Bar-ILan University). She is also a Board member in "Mahpach-Taghir" (grassroots Israeli Jewish-Palestinian social change organization).

Chassia Chomsky-Porat
Chassia Chomsky-Porat is Co-Director of the Shared Public Space Dept, at Sikkuy, the Association for the advancement of civic equality in Israel. The project focuses on the symbolic aspect of equality (vs equality in material resources): increasing the presence and visibility of Arab language, professionals and culture in public spaces, such as academia, media, festivals and museums and public services (e.g. public transportation, social security and the health system). As part of the project, Chassia is in charge of "Conference Watch" at the forum of organization Shutafut-Sharakah (of which Sikkuy is a member). In that capacity she promotes inclusion of Arab experts (researchers, speakers, artists and art) in conferences. Previously (2004-2008), she was the coordinator of Sikkuy's civic action group. Chassia is also a trained facilitator in cross-cultural dialogue and conflict resolution. She studied Classical studies and English Literature at the Hebrew University, has a B.A in Sociology and Anthropology, and is currently studying for M.A. in Cultural Studies.