Discussion with Shuli Dichter: Visions for shared society in...

Discussion with Shuli Dichter: Visions for shared society in the Jewish State

Jul 22, 2015 8:30am

On July 22nd, the Task Force hosted an intimate breakfast discussion with Shuli Dichter, Executive Director of Hand in Hand Centers for Bilingual Education, and author of Tensions and Good Intentions, a vision for shared society between Arabs and Jews in Israel.

In recent years, complexities in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel have given rise to heated public discourse, often challenging the notion that Israeli Jews and Arabs can work together to create a shared society. In this context, many leaders are charting a course toward an inclusive society that safeguards the collective rights of Israel’s Jewish citizens while assuring the dignity and identity of its Arab citizens.

Shuli Dichter discussed his perspective on principles for shared civic life that would allow Israel to be the shared home of all its citizens. Shuli also addressed developments on the ground that make these realistic today.

Event Details:
Wednesday, July 22nd, 8:30 am
New York City
Location details provided upon RSVP


Shalom (Shuli) Dichter is a long-time civil-society activist in Israel. He joined Hand in Hand as its executive director in January 2011. From 1998 to 2008, Shuli was the co-executive director of Sikkuy, The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, a Jewish-Arab advocacy organization. There he worked to advance equality via government-policy change, municipal cooperation and mobilization of public opinion. His op-ed articles and essays on equality and Arab-Jewish relations are frequently published in Israel and abroad. In 2001, he was invited to give expert testimony before the Or State Commission of Inquiry examining the status of Israel’s Arab citizens following the killing of 13 Arab demonstrators in October 2000. As of 2009, Shuli has been writing and consulting, for the officer of the Israeli prime minister and others,  in his fields of expertise. He lives in Kibbutz Ma'anit near the Kfar Kara school and is married to Avital, an art teacher. They have three children.