The Olive Tree in Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Art - site ...

The Olive Tree in Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Art - site visit and walking tour

Sep 13, 2014 9:00am

The LunArt Fund and the Jaffa Rotary Club invite you to join them in a visit to the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery to view the outstanding art exhibition dedicated to the image of the Olive Tree in Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Art.

In addition to the gallery visit, we will conduct a guided walking tour of the village and its historic and archeological sites. The tour will be led by Muhammad Rabah - a member of the Green Carpet Association for the promotion of tourism in Wadi Arah) and Said Abu-Shaqra - the director of the UEF Art Gallery and a prominent art and culture leader in the Israeli-Arab.

The guided bus tour will leave Tel Aviv on Saturday, September 13 at 9AM and will return in the late afternoon that day.

The group will be invited for lunch at the home of a local Arab family and will have an opportunity to mingle with local residents. This tour provides an excellent opportunity to show our solidarity with the progressive and tolerant elements in the Israeli Arab society who are diligently working with us on deepening and strengthening the notion of a shared society through joint art and culture tourism projects. 

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