Advancing Arab women's employment, entrepreneurship, and mun...

Advancing Arab women's employment, entrepreneurship, and municipal leadership in Israel

Mar 20, 2014 3:00pm - 4:00pm

In recent years, the Israeli government has made the advancement of Arab women a major socio-economic priority. Arab women are Israel's most under-employed demographic, and increasing their leadership roles and economic participation has enormous potential to strengthen the country as a whole.

Adv. Himmat Younis is responsible for the Prime Minister's Office programs for Arab women's employment, leadership, entrepreneurship, and municipal leadership. Often working in partnership with civil society organizations, this Authority aims to increase the number of Arab women in leadership positions in general to strengthen Arab communities and Israeli society.

Younis' spoke about her vision for Arab women in Israel and the programs being implemented to advance women's leadership to Task Force, NCJW and Givat Haviva audiences. 

Event details: March 20th at 3pm New York City

Speaker Bio

Adv. Himmat Younis is Senior Coordinator on Women's Advancement and Head of the Arab Sector at the Israel Authority for the Advancement of Women at the Prime Minister's Office. In this capacity she is in charge of the Authority's programs to advance Arab women in Israel through the planning and implementation of training programs in the spheres of women employment, leadership, entrepreneurship and municipal leadership. Adv. Younis is also responsible for representing the Authority and its work vis-?-vis international bodies such as the UN, OECD, etc. and is the Coordinator for the Inter Ministerial Team working on taking women out of the cycle of prostitution and treating women who have suffered sexual abuse, including monitoring the implementation of governmental budgets in this sphere. Adv. Younis is also a Board Member of the Israeli Authority for Youth Exchanges. Adv. Younis holds an LLB from Netanya Academic College, an MA in Political Science from Haifa University and an MA in Public Policy as part of the Israeli Civil Service Executive Staff Advancement Program from Hebrew University.