Conference Call: Discusson of the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish ...

Conference Call: Discusson of the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel -

Sep 24, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Sep 24 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Join us on September 24 at 12 PM for a conference call with Prof. Sammy Smooha on: "Still Playing by the Rules": Discusson of the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel Since 2003, The Index of Arab-Jewish Relations, a project of IDI and the University of Haifa, has been measuring the attitudes of Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel towards each other and towards the state through a representative national survey conducted annually. The cumulative annual results serve as a tool to monitor trends of change over time around questions such as: How reconciled are Israel's Arab citizens with the existence of Israel as a state with a Jewish majority? Do Arab citizens prefer to live in Israel or someplace else in the world? ??Do Israel's Jewish citizens feel Arabs have the right to live in Israel as a minority with equal rights? ??How much do Israel's Jewish citizens believe that Arabs who identify themselves as 'Palestinians in Israel' can be loyal citizens to the state? ( Please join us on September 24th at 12PM for a telephone briefing with Professor Sammy Smooha, index author and research director, on the 2012 Index entitled "Still Playing by the Rules" ( which can be downloaded here ( Professor Smooha will discuss 2012 results, reflections on current trends, and the aims of this annual research. To join us for this stimulating discussion please RSVP to [email protected]. Event Details: September 24th, 12PM Call-in instructions will be provided upon RSVP. Speaker Bio Dr. Sammy Smooha is Professor Emeritus of sociology and former Dean of the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Haifa. A past president of the Israeli Sociological Society and the 2008 Israel Prize laureate for sociology, Dr. Smooha specializes in ethnic relations in the world and Israel. He has published widely on the internal divisions and conflicts in Israeli society, and has authored and edited several books that focus on Arab and Jewish relations in Israel. He conducts the annual Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel since 2003.