Mike Prashker, Founder and Director of MERCHAVIM, visits the...

Mike Prashker, Founder and Director of MERCHAVIM, visits the United States

Oct 13 - 18, 2013 9:00am - 9:00pm

Oct 13 2013 9:00am - Oct 18 2013 9:00pm - Mike Prashker, Founder and Director of MERCHAVIM - The Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel will visit the United States this October 13-18. MERCHAVIM's mission is to help Israel's 7.15 million citizens to live together better by learning about each other, valuing diversity, developing a shared civic awareness and cooperating to make their classrooms, communities and Israeli society as a whole, fairer and more cohesive. MERCHAVIM's innovative and consensual approach, developed over nearly a decade by Israelis of all backgrounds, employs five core concepts: identity, access, fairness, spaces of agreement and active shared citizenship. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Mr. Prashker, please contact Leah Stern: [email protected]. Planned Itinerary October 13 -15: New York October 15 -17 Baltimore and Washington, DC October 17 - 18 Boston BIO Mike Prashker, Founder and Director, MERCHAVIM Mr. Prashker was born in London and moved to Israel in 1978. After serving in the IDF he studied and subsequently taught political science at Tel Aviv University. He then worked for ten years at Melitz - The Center for Jewish-Zionist Education, where he graduated from project coordinator to become responsible for the development of educational initiatives. Following this he went on to found MERCHAVIM in 1998. In his current role as MERCHAVIM director he oversees the educational management team, the ongoing development of the "shared citizenship" approach and applications, and leading MERCHAVIM's strategic partnership with Israel's Ministry of Education, driving new initiatives, and overseeing fund-raising.