Moona - a Space for Change

Moona - a Space for Change

Moona is a space for economic and social change in the heart of the Galilee. It is aimed to enable individuals from a variety of cultures, genders and sectors to dream and fulfill their aspirations, through enhancing education, entrepreneurship and scientific–technological innovation as a means for regional development in the Galilee.

Moona was founded in 2013 by Asaf Brimer, a former IDF pilot and aviation industry consultant. It was launched as a space for science, technology and space on January 2013 in the presence of the head of NASA, and is based in Majd Al-Krum, an Arab town in the heart of the Galilee region.

Moona’s Goals:

  1. Exposing diversified groups in the Galilee to innovation in Science, Technology and Space.
  2. Developing the population’s future skills and empowering human capital.
  3. Creating accessibility to leading enterprises and academic institutes.
  4. Promoting employment diversity in the industry and governmental institutes.













One of Moona’s main practices is in Multi-sectorial integration of community-academia-industry in all its activities for the benefit of all sectors.

Moona’s Space, Science & Technology center is to be officially opened on September 2014 in Majd Al-Krum, and will be a “home” for its activities and programs. It will enable the development of projects, products and services for the benefit of the community, academia and industry in the region. It will offer various tech-oriented trainings, workshops and courses for its target market in the aim of developing their future skills, supporting new initiatives and creating new jobs opportunities.

Moona is operated as an NGO by a Jewish – Arab staff and its Board of Directors is composed of local Arab and Jewish leaders from academia, industry and civil society organizations.

Moona’s attractiveness for many and various potential partners is currently manifested by cooperation with the Technion (Ne’eman Institute), Ort Braude College, the government, local authorities, Partnership Together, Ramon Foundation, civil society organizations (such as Shatil and Zionism 2000), as well as the private sector.


Moona - a Space for Change