Molad The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy

Molad The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy

Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy is an independent, non-partisan research institute and think tank dedicated to the fundamental political and social issues of Israeli life. Molad was established in early 2012 to inject quality content into the Israeli public discourse. This content is based on the highest possible standards of research, analysis and thought and coupled with a commitment to a progressive vision for Israeli society. Molad sees its mission as developing a comprehensive vision for the State of Israel that is equitable and, in tandem, seeks peaceful integration of Israel into its geopolitical environment.

While Molad maintains intellectual independence and does not identify with political parties, personalities or organizations, it does not claim to be "apolitical". Molad maintains that the solutions to Israel's social, economic, and diplomatic ills can be found in a democratic political system that embodies the interests and true ambitions of its citizens.

The Center's work is organized into three content categories: Security and Strategy, Citizenship and Community, and Economics and Society. Engagement with these categories comes in the context of contemporary ideological and political shifts that have left a deep impact on Israeli society and politics. These shifts have tended toward three Neo's: Neo-conserativsm in security and foreign policy, Neo-Zionism in Israeli politics and society, and Neo-liberalism in economics. Despite the fact that many, perhaps even a majority, of Israelis do not support such intellectual and political trends, they continue unabated due to a lack of comprehensive, viable alternatives.

The current political conversation, which narrows the perspective and depletes political imagination, is inadequate to meet the challenges Israel will be facing in the coming years.  At a time when Israel is seen as a a battleground of special interests Molad believes it is essential to reorient the political conversation around conceptual and practical differences in opinion and to ground such differences in concrete policy proposals. Molad's purpose is to contribute new substance to the political conversation with the faith that its ideas and suggestions will aid the citizens of Israel in making the necessary decisions toward the renewal of Israeli democracy.