AJEEC-NISPED: The Hura Womens Catering Enterprise (Al Sanabe...

AJEEC-NISPED: The Hura Womens Catering Enterprise (Al Sanabel)

The Hura Women’s Catering Enterprise (Al Sanabel) is The first social enterprise in the Bedouin community.

Al Sanabel: the Hura Women’s Catering Enterprise is a collaboration between AJEEC-NISPED the Bedouin township of Hura. This women’s catering business presently produces over 7,000 fresh and healthy hot lunches each day for schools in the region. Twenty-one Bedouin women, many of whom are single mothers, cook these meals creating a sustainable future for themselves and their children. The project's aim is to reach its full capacity of 10,000 meals in the near future.

This social enterprise is the first of its kind in the Bedouin community. Being a not-for-profit social enterprise makes this catering company unique. By the end of 2013, profits accrued will be reinvested to benefit the community.

  • 40% will go to the Hura Township, a partner in this enterprise, to finance betterment programs for the city

  • 40% will be designated for social projects of AJEEC-NISPED to continue fostering and expanding community enrichment programs

  • 20% will be devoted to projects determined by the women themselves that will better their local community and the communities that surround them

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AJEEC-NISPED: The Hura Womens Catering Enterprise (Al Sanabel)


Website: http://en.ajeec-nisped.org.il/project/our-community-kitchen/