Beterem - The National Center for Children's Safety and Heal...

Beterem - The National Center for Children's Safety and Health

Beterem ("beforehand" in Hebrew) Safe Kids Israel is a nonprofit organization which aims to promote child safety and create a safer environment for children, both Arab and Jewish, in Israel.


Beterem was founded in 1995 at the Schneider Children's Medical Center and is the only organization in Israel to exclusively address child safety. In 2003 it was officially recognized by the Israeli Government as the leading organization and a professional leader of child safety issues in Israel. In addition, Beterem is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, since 2001, and is the official representative, on behalf of the State of Israel, at ECSA (European Union, UNICEF and World Health Organization).

The World Health Organization has declared that preventable injuries among children are an epidemic of the 3rd millennium. In Israel as well, preventable injuries are the number one killer of children under 18. Each year approximately 25,000 injured children are admitted to hospital emergency wards across the country - 500 children every day. Of those, approximately 24,000 require hospitalization and 150 lose their lives. Most of these injuries are due to falls, burns, drowning, poisoning, choking, car accidents and other "every-day" causes. Based on international experience, 95% of these accidents are preventable.

According to Beterem's National Report for 2008, injuries are more common in Arab children compared to Jewish children; the injury-related death rate is 2.1 times higher in Arab children. Beterem therefore strives to minimize child injury rates not only in the general population but also and more specifically in the Arab society. By addressing this issue in a multi constitutional and methodical way and raising awareness to it, child injury rates can be reduced. Indeed, in the first decade of Beterem's activity, it achieved a decrease of 30% in child mortality rates from preventable injuries in Israel - thereby reaching our first goal from 2001. Beterem has set itself with a new goal, to be reached by 2020, of further reducing overall child mortality rates by an additional 35%; reducing the child mortality rate among Arab children and decreasing the gap of child injury rates between Jewish and Arab children by at least 25%.

At the core of Beterem activities are key prevention strategies: Education & Empowerment, Engineering & Environmental modifications, Evidence-based Interventions & Evaluation, Enactment, Enforcement and Exposure and resource development.


Children's Accident Prevention Project in the Bedouin population - Project with the Ministry of Agriculture
In a joint program, BETEREM - Safe Kids Israel and the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are leading a comprehensive project to promote child safety in three municipalities in the Negev Bedouin communit ...
Education, Health, community development, early childhood
Beterem Child Safety Information for the Special Populations
The goal of this project is to promote a culture of child safety in high-risk populations, including Ethiopian, Arab and Russian communities, at the level of the relevant local authorities, by providing child safety information and guidance.
Education, Government, Health, local councils and municipalities
Beterem: Promotion of Child Passenger Safety and Prevention of Back-over Injuries
Child Safety on the Road in Arab Society Child mortality rate among Arab society is 3-5 times higher than among their Jewish peers with the leading cause being car accidents. This project focuses on issues regarding the safety of children on the road ...
Education, Health, community development, empowerment
Beterem: Warm & Safe Home
The project was developed in response to the high accidental injury rates in Arab society and the unique types of injuries, in an attempt to modify the common perception that such injuries are predestined to happen as part of the normal development o ...
Education, Health, community development, early childhood, empowerment
Beterem's Nation Wide Programs
Beterem works in close collaboration with government offices, local municipalities and other public authorities combining a multifaceted approach towards preventing injuries and promoting children's' safety. Beterem promotes child safety in 3 ...
Education, Health, informal education
NAPIS (National Pediatric Injury & Surveillance System)
In 2012 a pilot program will be launched of collecting child injury related data from medical clinics in Arab communities. It is understood that the majority of injured Arab children are treated within the community and do not reach emergency rooms d ...
Education, Health, job placement and training
Spot the Tot in Arab Society
According to the Israeli National Authority for Road Traffic Safety (RSA), in the period 2007-2010, 38 Arab children, the equivalent of 2 school classes and mainly infants, were killed by a motor vehicle backing over them while reversing. Arab childr ...
Education, Health, early childhood
Women Becoming Agents of Change on Child Safety in Arab Society
There is a clear correlation between socio-economic living conditions and child safety incidents. Most of Arab society in Israel is classified as a low socio-economic population. The child safety incident rate among children from low socio-economic b ...
Education, Health, Women, social welfare
Beterem - The National Center for Children's Safety and Health