Afnan Al Galil-(R.A.) Association for Social Development and...

Afnan Al Galil-(R.A.) Association for Social Development and Family Support

Afnan Al Galil's mission is to provide Arab women from the community of Arraba and the Western Galilee with personal, social and economic empowerment and to promote intercultural encounters, communication and coexistence between Jews and Arabs living in the Galilee.

A society where individuals and families:

  • find a supporting environment to develop their personalities, capabilities and positive social relations
  • are tolerated in their self-determined way of life
  • can find the conditions for a sufficient economical existence

Mission and Goals

  • To help solve the crises resulting from the transition from a traditional, closed and patriarchal society to an open and democratic one
  • To promote education, communication and culture in civil society.
  • To initiate opportunities for raising the socio-economic status of the Arab family, especially of women
  • To give Arab women and girls more self-awareness and self-esteem
  • To develop awareness and acceptance for equal gender rights in the society
  • To upgrade and promote children's development
  • To impart democratic values

Program focus areas:

  • Empowerment and leadership education and training for women and youth
  • Heritage conservation and promotion of rural tourism as a tool for intercultural     encounters
  • Jewish-Arab work group on joint projects
  • Handicrafts (embroidery) courses - developing income opportunities for women
  • Networking with other groups and organizations working in related fields
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