Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation

Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation

The Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation provides funding to charitable and educational organizations that:

  • Promote peaceful co-existence and shared socidety in Israel and Palestine;
  • Provide human services in the metropolitan Washington area;
  • Protect women's rights, including freedom of reproductive choice and access to family planning medical and educational services;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Promote responsible government and social justice.

The Foundation focuses its grants primarily on organizations that partner with other organizations, use Foundation funds to leverage other private or public support, and measure the outcomes and impact of their work.

The Foundation's grant making in Israel is based on the vision of Israel as a Jewish and democratic country, as expressed in the Declaration of Establishment of the State.

To this end, the Foundation's primary areas of emphasis are programs that promote Jewish-Arab co-existence within Israel and that work toward a negotiated, "two-state" solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Within these program areas, the Foundation particularly seeks to fund organizations that both (1) provide direct services to individuals and communities in the essential areas of daily life, such as education; employment; health; legal and civil rights; land use planning; and environmental protection and also (2) provide information, education and advocacy for systemic improvement in these areas.


Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
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