Lod Community Foundation

Lod Community Foundation

The Lod Community Foundation was founded by a group of Jewish and Arab community leaders with the mission to develop Lod for the benefit of all of its residents. The Foundation builds bridges between the city's Arab and Jewish communities, initiates and implements programs for the development of the city. 

The foundation seeks to strengthen initiatives by the citizens of Lod to renew their city and transform it into a model for bridging gaps between the socioeconomic periphery and the prosperous urban cities of the startup nation. 

In addition, the foundation promotes programs for the benefit of the city and its residents in a variety of fields, including welfare, community, environmental protection, education, culture, tourism, human and social capital, aiming to re-brand the city in the eyes of its residents and within the general public. The Foundation also assists grassroots organizations within Lod, who share its vision, to create the needed synergy between all stakeholders (local Jewish and Arab residents, the municipality, local businesses and foundations), who have the city's best interest at heart.

The Foundation works on three levels: 1) promoting comprehensive, long-term development plans for Lod together with professional experts, the Israeli government, local municipality and local representatives; 2) supporting and pooling existing resources and projects in the fields of culture, music, sports, education and inter-religious dialogue in order to brand Lod as a role model for cross-community partnerships; 3) initiating new strategic projects in Lod.

Khan of the Community
The LOD Community Foundation has initiated a long-term, multi-faceted and deep-rooted plan to develop a sense of pride and identity of the residents of the city by establishing a focal point for strengthening the heritage and roots of the ethnic grou ...
Employment, Jewish-Arab Relations, National Identity, Religion, Women
Portable Library
Partnering with "Mifal Hapais", the foundation created a portable library for Arab children who do not have access to the central library in Lod. This library operates five days a week and travels to different Arab neighborhoods throughout ...
Education, Population and Demographics
The Students' Village
The centrality of Lod and easy access to the city by public transportation have brought the Lod Community Foundation to promote the transformation of the city into a thriving center for students. A local students' village was established, consist ...
Economic Development, Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Population and Demographics, community development, higher education, mixed cities
Adopt a School
Leading businessmen adopt local schools in both the Jewish and the Arab neighborhood to promote the schools' development. The program fosters a better understanding of Lod's school system, strengthens and improves school programs and curricul ...
Education, Population and Demographics, elementary and high school, mixed cities
Renovating Residence Blocks in Lod
Renovating Neglected Residence Blocks - In this project, the Lod Community Foundation initiates the renovation of the most neglected residence blocks in both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods together with the tenants. Currently 5 living blocks are under ...
Economic Development, Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Population and Demographics, housing, mixed cities
Music Excellence and Leadership Program
This multifaceted music education program, in collaboration with the Rimon School of Music, was established to develop and promote the arts in Lod. Given the power of music to transform lives, the program cultivates the next generation of musical tal ...
Education, Media and Culture, Population and Demographics, mixed cities, music