Let's Talk: Communicative Arabic and Arab Society

Let's Talk: Communicative Arabic and Arab Society

Merchavim's "Let's Talk" Arabic program has emerged as a proven-effective tool for teaching young Jewish-Israelis communicative Arabic and improving inter-group attitudes. The "Let's Talk" curriculum has been approved by the Ministry of Education, whic pays in full -- together with implementing schools -- the many hundres of teaching hours dedicated to the program.  

In this regard, the comprehensively evalued "Let's Talk" curriculum is designed to be taught over 180 hours -- over three school years -- using a rich selection of already developed--and new-- printed and electronic materials by specially trained Arab-Israeli teachers.  The project is taught as a compulsory subject, two hours weekly, as part of the school day, over three years to 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students. In addition, Merchavim has designed cross-over and junior-high school materials to ensure a smooth transition of Arabic studies from primary to junior high school in the areas in which it is taught.   

"Let's Talk" is the largest, most established and highly invested in "external" program by Israel's Central School Disctrict, which is the largest district serving 50% of Israel's students.


Let's Talks is run in  collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Headquarters for Civic Education and Co-existence.

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The Israeli formal education system includes two separate education streams - a Hebrew-speaking and an Arabic speaking Educational streams, both including state funded public schools. The structure and curricula of the Arabic speaking schools is very similar to those of the Hebrew-speaking schools as far as math, science, English etc. are concerned, with appropriate adjustments to fit the different languages, cultures and religions as far as the study of the humanities is concerned. At the end o ...
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