ERAN: Al-manal - ERANs Arabic Hotline for Emotional First Ai...

ERAN: Al-manal - ERANs Arabic Hotline for Emotional First Aid

The hotline serves Arabic speaking callers from all over the country and is staffed by professionally trained volunteers. The Al-manal center is the Nazareth branch, which manages and coordinates the operation of the Al-manal hotline in Haifa, Jerusalem, Beer-Sheba and Hadera.The Arabic hotline is unique among the hotlines serving the Arabic population, because The Al-manal hotline addresses all types of problems in society, (family, social, rape, citizen rights, violence, psychological and more)The Arabic hotline receives many calls dealing with issues of women's rights in the Arab sector and ERAN helps to promote these women's independence and self-confidence, so they can learn about their rights and how to respond to their own needs.

ERAN was established more than 35 years ago in order to provide anonymous emotional first aid to anyone in need regardless of their gender, age, race, religion or attitude. It is ERAN's mission to "be there" for any Israeli citizen. ERAN is constantly developing new programs and special help lines that focus on the specific needs of Israel's wide and varied multi-ethnic society. There are telephone hotlines in Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic and Russian, and an internet hotline geared towards youth. In ...
ERAN: Al-manal - ERANs Arabic Hotline for Emotional First Aid