Al-Tufula - Pedagogical & Multipurpose Women's Center: Sexua...

Al-Tufula - Pedagogical & Multipurpose Women's Center: Sexuality Education

This project works with community schools on the topic of sexual education in a holistic manner. Training is delivered to school children, teachers and parents and not only provides the biological information on the subject, but also deals with social attitudes including gender perspectives, psychological aspects and cultural aspects. By doing so, the program provides support and empowerment to these groups to review their own belief system and build a new positive picture for themselves.


Al-Tufula - Pedagogical & Multipurpose Women's Center
It is the mission of Al-Tufula to further and to encourage the development of a democratic and civil society. At the center, based in Nazareth, Al-Tufula has targeted its work to two major groups it believes are the most important in making social change: children and women. Its aims are two fold: (i) to improve the early childhood care and development and (ii) to support women and to provide them with opportunities to utilize their full capabilities, since to date they lack sufficient opportuni ...