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Al-Tufula - Pedagogical & Multipurpose Women's Center: Images of Boys and Girls

Conducts research on the prevalence of sexism in school books utilized to educate children in Arabic. The research analyzes both text and illustrations and serves to raise the awareness of the books writers and illustrators, as well as the Ministry of Education and the general public to the subject of sexism and encourage positive change in this area.


Al-Tufula - Pedagogical & Multipurpose Women's Center
It is the mission of Al-Tufula to further and to encourage the development of a democratic and civil society. At the center, based in Nazareth, Al-Tufula has targeted its work to two major groups it believes are the most important in making social change: children and women. Its aims are two fold: (i) to improve the early childhood care and development and (ii) to support women and to provide them with opportunities to utilize their full capabilities, since to date they lack sufficient opportuni ...