reGeneration is seeding the Arab community of Israel with an educational philosophy that embraces life, learning, the arts, the earth and all the children.

Our Mission
reGeneration is an organization dedicated to strengthening existing Waldorf schools that cross political, ethnic and religious lines. In addition to supporting Waldorf education for both Jews and Arabs in Israel, re:Generation trains West Bank Palestinian teachers in this innovative educational model.

Our Goals
Contributing to the field of social change and equal access to education, reGeneration seeks:

  • To back grassroots, interfaith and multicultural education that fosters cooperation between Jews and Arabs in Israel,
  • To bring educational achievement among Arab citizens of Israel and Palestinians of the West Bank on par with Jewish Israelis through increasing access to high caliber education for all children; and,
  • To seed a diverse cadre of supporters in Southern and Northern California, who use their financial and human capital to promote our mission.

Our Objectives
reGeneration works toward three central objectives:

  • To support Ein Bustan, a joint Jewish-Arab Waldorf school in Israel,
  • To build the capacity of Tamrat El Zeitoun, the first Arab Waldorf school in Israel; and,
  • To introduce and facilitate the development of Waldorf education in Palestinian schools in the West Bank.