Jewish Agency for Israel - North America

Jewish Agency for Israel - North America

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Foundations for Securing the Jewish Future

For over 80 years, the Jewish Agency has served as the link between the Jewish people and Israel, working to ensure the future of a connected, committed, global Jewish People with a strong Israel at its center. Together, we helped create and build the State and brought over 3 million Jews to Israel.

Today,we continue our work to secure the Jewish future. As we bring more olim and stand ready as the Jewish world's first responder to crises both in Israel and around the world, the Jewish Agency is redirecting its primary focus toward the greatest challenge we currently face as a people - strengthening the Jewish identity of young Jews in both the Diaspora and Israel. Indeed, the solutions to local and overseas challenges facing Jews around the world depend on our revitalizing a strong sense of Jewish community, which has faded over the last generation.

Our Mission

To Inspire Jews throughout the world to Connect with their people, heritage and Land, and Empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel.

The Jewish Agency pursues this mission by:

  • Forging strong connections to Israel through a sequence of Israel experiences for teens and young adults - from Birthright's short visit to Israel, to Masa's live & learn experience from 5 months to a year.
  • Facilitating aliyah for those who choose to make Israel their home.
  • Engaging young Jews from Israel and around the world in social activism, infusing them with Jewish purpose and connecting them to one another, while addressing the needs of vulnerable populations in Israel.
  • Reconnecting Jews from the former Soviet Union to their Jewish roots from which they were forcibly separated over 70 years of communist rule.
  • Rescuing Jews from countries of distress and resettling them in Israel.
  • Serving as first responder to crises in Israel and around the Jewish world.

In over 500 Jewish communities around the world since 1929, the Jewish Agency has worked with our partners to create Jewish history. Please join us as we begin this new chapter in our shared destiny.

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