Givat Haviva Educational Foundation

Givat Haviva Educational Foundation

Givat Haviva Educational Foundation in New York City is the American arm representing and supporting the Givat Haviva Institute, located in the Wadi Ara area of Israel. Givat Haviva also operates a northern branch in Sakhnin. The Foundation comprises a community of supporters and activists who work to increase awareness of Givat Haviva's role in advancing Jewish-Arab relations in Israel toward a shared society. Founded in 1949 by the Kibbutz Artzi Movement, a federation of 83 kibbutzim throughout Israel, Givat Haviva has been educating for peace, equality, democracy, empowerment and coexistence for over sixty years. Givat Haviva conducts a broad range of formal and informal programs that resist all forms of racism and discrimination, bridge the gaps in the fields of Jewish-Arab relations and promote greater understanding between different groups in Israeli society.

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November 2010: Pride and Prejudice in Wadi Ara

Aug 3, 2010:Givat Haviva's photography and dialogue project: Through Others' Eyes

Givat Haviva Educational Foundation