American Society of the University of Haifa

American Society of the University of Haifa

The American Society of the University of Haifa (ASUH) is the propelling force behind the University of Haifa's activities in America. ASUH serves as a vital connection between the University and its many friends in the United States, raising both visibility as well as financial support on behalf of the University. The goal of ASUH is to help ensure the continued excellence of the educational, research, and community activities of the University of Haifa.


The University of Haifa provides resources, scholarships, and preparatory programs for Israeli Arabs to advance their academic ambitions and become educated leaders in their communities and beyond.

In addition to providing Israeli Arab students with academic opportunities, the University's research departments address critical needs in the Israeli Arab community:

  • Approximately 25% of Israeli Arab schoolchildren suffer from learning disabilities. To combat this, the University's Middle Eastern Center for Learning Disabilities develops diagnostic tools to detect learning disabilities among Israeli Arab schoolchildren. The Center then works with educators and schools to implement remediation programs.

  • The University of Haifa's Legal Clinics of Law and Social Change assist Israeli Arab citizens on issues of land and property rights. The Clinics also serve to enact changes in Israeli legislation with regards to Israeli Arab civil and political rights; cultural, social, and economic rights; religious rights; women's rights; and prisoners' rights.

  • The University of Haifa also hosts world-renown academics who study Israeli-Arab issues and propose policy changes. Dr. Marilyn Safir's Project Kidma brings issues of Israeli Arab women to the forefront of national discussions. And Dr. Sammy Smooha's annual index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel is the only tool of its kind in Israel to accurately scrutinize the attitudes of Arabs and Jews in Israel within the Green Line.

American Society of the University of Haifa