Budo for Peace

Budo for Peace

The Budo For Peace tri-lingual educational program is the innovative product of the exciting and fruitful collaboration between martial arts instructors from different ethnic backgrounds and martial arts styles together with leading pedagogic specialists.

The aim of the program is to encourage moral and normative behavioural values in all spheres of our students lives: on the mat, in the classroom, at home and in their communities. We strive to teach the  youth to follow the “do”, the way of life outlined by our nine core values, by translating the martial arts philosophy into everyday situations and experiences.

The pioneers of the program example the essence of this undertaking. "The kids come to these activities to learn martial arts, to enhance their strength and become less vulnerable; they marvel in and are attracted to the East and its teachings, to the discipline, beauty and aesthetic nature which are expressed through them. We on the other hand, we wish to teach them a way of life. In order to succeed, we need to cloak these fundamental values and ethics under the veil of physical training in a way in which they will soak in both essential elements at once.... We mask it in sugary delights, in the form of martial arts training, techniques, fun, trips and seminars, in this manner we ease the 'swallowing of the pill' and help to develop a better way of life."

The cornerstone of our curriculum are nine chosen Budo values, namely courtesy, self-control, integrity, humility, harmony, order, responsibility, love for humanity and respect.