Zefat Academic College

Zefat Academic College

The mission of Zefat Academic College is to offer accessible and quality higher education to the diverse residents of the Galilee, and beyond. Its Health Sciences Faculty and Law School are the only ones of its kind in the Galilee, and place emphasis on the multicultural and ethical aspects of Israeli society. Its Social Sciences & Humanities Faculties interweave the preservation of the history and culture of historic Zefat through course work, and through research implemented through its Zefat Center for the Study of Communities and Cultures in the Galilee. Zefat Academic College boasts the largest ratio of Arab Israeli and Druze students among the institutions of higher education in the Galilee, and perhaps the entire State of Israel. Zefat Academic College advances the values of a multicultural campus that express openness and tolerance towards difference, and in which the classroom serves as a model for safe intellectual exploration among the student body of Israel. It initiates multicultural internship opportunities in the Upper Galilee as well as multicultural community service opportunities for its students. Zefat Academic College promotes multicultural leadership opportunities and honors programs through the granting of academic and living scholarships. It current project priorities include:

Multicultural Seminars for Professors and Staff

Jewish-Arab Tuition Scholarships

Arab-Jewish Dormitory Initiative

Multicultural Research



Arab Health Sciences Project
The Arab Health Sciences Project at Zefat Academic College assists low income, high potential Arab students in the Health Faculty that currently consists of a BA degree in Nursing, and a B.P.T. degree in Physiotherapy (three more degree programs will ...
Education, Employment, Health, higher education
Multicultural Awareness Workshops
Each academic year, Zefat Academic College offers some form of professionally facilitated multicultural workshop for either its professors, students or staff. This workshop is part of its on-going efforts to maintain an open, knowledgeable, and respe ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, encounters/dialogue, higher education
Share: Multicultural Dormitory Initiative
The institution of higher education classroom in Israel is often the first time that Arab Israeli's and Jewish Israeli's meet in a shared experience. Most often though the dormitory housing experience is not integrated nor are opportunities t ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, higher education, shared society
Higher Education Accessibility Project for Arab Students
The Arab student in Israel is faced with many obstacles in his or her way towards obtaining a baccaleurate degree. Many of the obstacles are a result of the language divide with the majority of Arab Israeli's entering academia with sub-sufficient ...
Education, higher education
Arab-Jewish Scholarship Fund
With very few exceptions, the vast majority of students at Zefat Academic College are engaged in community service projects with populations representing their own cultural community. As part of the expansion of the Community Service Unit within the ...
Education, higher education
Jewish-Arab Journey to Poland
  This experiential project is designed to both educate the Arab student regarding the Holocaust as well as create meaningful opportunities for dialogue between Arab and Jewish students around the subjects of Jewish history, and the State of Isr ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, higher education, shared society
Multicultural Doctoral or Post-Doctoral Research Project Grants
The multicultural academic community of Zefat Academic College is the ideal environment for which to conduct high quality research on the subject of multiculturalism and diversity in Israel. This fund will encourage such research to be conducted by t ...
Education, higher education