Unistream aims to close socio-economic gaps and forge Israel's next generation of socially conscious leaders and entrepreneurs through programming which targets low-income Israel youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds: Muslim and Christian Arabs, Jews, Druze, and Bedouin.

Since its founding in 2001, Unistream has reshaped the future of Israeli society by harnessing education and entrepreneurial platforms in its programming. With its Entrepreneurship Centers spread nation-wide, Unistream trains youth from diverse sectors of Israeli society to become business and social entrepreneurs.  Participants in Unistream programs establish and manage fully functioning startups and in the process key aspects in running a business including communication and advanced technological skills, critical and creative thinking, project and budgt management, goal-setting, public speaking skills, and business English.  Participants' experiences with Unistream help to shape their academic and professional pursuits and social activism.  

In light of Unistream's accomplishments, the organization has been honored with several prestigious awards, the most recent being from the UN which selected Unistream as the second most influential organization in the field of "Intercultural Innovation."

Each of Unistream's programs utilizes Unistream's Mentors Foum - a team of over 2,500 of Israel's leading business people and entrepreneaurs who devote their time ot Unistream.  The mentors, all of whom are volunteers, connect the teenage participants with the business world and provide them with access to an immense pool of knowledge and experience.  Unistream's mentors serve as role models and advisors and business consultants, and hold workshoips, host participants at their companies, and open doors to new opportunities and experiences.

Educating Tomorrows Leaders Today
Educating Tomorrow's Leaders Today is an intensive 3 year program in which teens experience entrepreneurship firsthand by creating and running fully-functioning start-ups.  With experts' guidance, they become empowered and ...
Economic Development, Education, Jewish-Arab Relations
Fast Forward to ICT
The Alumni program provides Unistream graduates with a supportive framework that enables them to retain the substantial fore that they have gained from “Educating Tomorrows Leaders Today”. The idea behind this program is to leverage acqui ...
Economic Development, Employment, Women
Startup Now
Unistream was selected  by Israel’s Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy as a strategic partner for a national 1 year program, exposing teens from marginalized populations across the country to entrepreneurship. This one-year pr ...
Economic Development, Education, Employment
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