Kav Mashve: Opening doors for Arab talents to the start-up n...

Kav Mashve: Opening doors for Arab talents to the start-up nation

Kav Mashve trains, prepares and integrates Arab talent in the high-tech industry, giving them access to one of Israel's fastest-growing industries with the highest salaried careers.

The WebAhead Coding Bootcamp takes place in Haifa and includes intensive training in program development and website building while receiving career guidance and relevant networking opportunities. The program is built on a social model and study-by-doing and Kav Mashve assists the graduates in their job search to successfully integrate them into the high-tech industry. Over 60 talents had graduated from the program in early 2021 and 56% of 2019-cohorts received a job placement within one year after graduation.

Kav Mashve
Employment inequality for Israel's Arab citizens is a major obstacle towards achieving socio-economic justice, inclusiveness and diversity in Israel today. The Arab minority constitutes 21% of the Israeli society but only 13% of the general workforce and 0.3% of the managers in leading companies. There is a potential loss of 31 billion shekel every year due to the untapped Arab potential. Kav Mashve focuses on creating strategic job placements in key positions at major Israeli companies, par ...