Kav Mashve: Academic and career excellence

Kav Mashve: Academic and career excellence

The Career Training Program for Arab High School Students is built on 4 hours in 10th grade, 16 hours in 11th grade and 21.5 hours in 12th grade for a career development program that targets Arab high school seniors throughout Israel. Each participating school selects students based on their interest in pursuing higher education and their ability to benefit from the career training program.

This program assisted over 10.000 Arab high school students to start their career planning process prior to either selecting a college major or applying to a particular college or university, thus increasing the likelihood that greater numbers of these young adults will make academic and career decisions which will later allow them to secure employment within the Israeli business sector.

Program Goals:

  • To expose Arab high school seniors to information that will enable them to properly select their college major based on their individual interests and talents as well as on employment potential.
  • Understand career paths and know how to prepare for them.
  • Understand that due to existing obstacles that they must excel and persevere.  
  • Gain knowledge about high-demand academic institutions and professions and learn about college admission requirements and the demands of the Israeli business world.
  • Gain inter-cultural awareness which will assist them in transitioning into western-oriented academic and business cultures.
  • Become empowered by developing personal, academic and career aspirations and gaining skills to actualize these aspirations.

This program has been adopted by the government for national employment.

Kav Mashve
Employment inequality for Israel's Arab citizens is a major obstacle towards achieving socio-economic justice, inclusiveness and diversity in Israel today. The Arab minority constitutes 21% of the Israeli society but only 13% of the general workforce and 0.3% of the managers in leading companies. There is a potential loss of 31 billion shekel every year due to the untapped Arab potential. Kav Mashve focuses on creating strategic job placements in key positions at major Israeli companies, par ...