Catchball Friendship League for Women

Catchball Friendship League for Women

The Friendship League of Culture and Sports ‘The League’ was created to promote the development of shared society by engaging women from Israel’s diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious communities through sports and culture.  

The League is structured around four international women’s calendar days: 

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 

  • International Day for the Prevention of Violence Against Women on November 25 

  • International Women 's Month on March 8 

  • Multicultural Festival in May 

Each day is designed to engage and empower women into new roles in advancing positive relations and host over 800 Jewish, Muslim, Druze, Circassian, Bedouin, and Christian women from 30 cities and councils.  

The events feature a catchball tournament with Arab, Jewish and mixed teams, followed by diverse cultural programming designed to break down barriers while promoting participants role as ambassadors for peace in their communities.  

This program is run in partnership with:  

  • United States Embassy 

  • Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel 

  • Municipalities of its regional and local councils 

  • Council of Women Counselors 

  • School administrators – what schools?  

  • European Fair Play Movement 

  • ALLMEP-Alliance for Middle East Peace 

  • Partnership2Gether - The Jewish Agency for Israel  

Friendship League in Culture and Sport
Israel is a highly diverse country, many communities live largely separate existences with few opportunities for sustained interaction between communities. The Friendship League was established to bring women—key bridgers and connectors—from Israel's various communities together, to interact and build connections through sports and culture.