A New Way: Efshar Acheret

A New Way: Efshar Acheret

A New Way aims at promoting the development of a shared society by creating and cultivating opportunities for long-term and in-depth connections between geographically adjacent Jewish and Arab communities and among Jews and Arabs living in "mixed" cities. The organization's mission is to develop and enhance mutual understanding, trust and respect; inculcate values of democracy and equality; break down prejudices and stereotypes, and provide communities with the tools to enable them to work together to develop programs and initiatives for their mutual benefit.

In the current Israeli reality, all too often, even though the physical distance between them may be minimal, Jewish and Arab communities live in very different and separate worlds, with no significant contact or interaction between them. This is an atmosphere which breeds distrust and alienation.

A New Way's methodology is based on twinning pairs of Arab and Jewish schools and working with their students, teachers and parents, in a long-term, experiential, and indepth program which includes both dialogue and encounter sessions and a broad array of joint activities both within and outside the classroom. The twinned schools are used as a springboard for creating community-wide connections and partnerships, for example---between Jewish and Arab women, community centers, youth councils, political, professional, and volunteer leadership in both sites, and more. This strategy both ensures sustainability and creates ever –widening circles of influence and impact.

A New Way's work is actively supported by the Ministry of Education and by the municipalities in which its programs operate. In addition, the organization engages in ongoing and synergic cooperation with other NGOs such as the Center for Educational Technology, Dror, and Merchavim. Most recently, a partnership has developed with the Arab-Israeli nonprofit---"Jarac Kribac---Near Neighbors 


TOGETHER - ANW's Innovative Civic Studies High Schools Matriculation ("Bagrut") Program
TOGETHER is a bi-annual modular program which was initiated by A New Way (ANW). It will be further developed in an intensive dialog with school principals and educators. As a first-time pilot project, the program will be implemented in one pair of sc ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Women
Leadership Program in the Mixed City of Lod
A New Way program on civil leadership together with Lod's town council and the MEPI plan which runs in the framework of the American Embassy in Israel. This program has run for a year and a half and aims to promote a generation of leaders, both y ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, elementary and high school, encounters/dialogue, shared society
School Twinning for Shared Citizenship
The School Twinning program is A New Way's core program and serves as the lever for rich programming within schools and for community-wide activities extending beyond school borders. The program engages participants from each group—Jewish a ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, elementary and high school, shared society
Leadership Development to Promote a Shared Society
The success of the School Twinning program is serving as the impetus for developing an intensive and long-term training program for educational staff. The rationale for the program is three-fold:  To broaden the scope and depth of the impact cre ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, elementary and high school, shared society
A New Way: Efshar Acheret
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