The Democratic Institute

The Democratic Institute

Who we are

The Democratic Institute - Society & Education is a registered association for social change, promoting a democratic culture in Israel.

The institute began in the wake of the Rabin assassination in 1995, and it became an association in 1998 and operates projects and partnerships promoting democratic values in many diverse educational and social formats and in the spirit of inclusion and diversity.

Our agenda
We believe that every woman and man has the right to lead a meaningful life, express their uniqueness and has an equal opportunity to realize their own potential and bring change to the lives of others.

Core values
The Democratic Institute operates with: 
• Dialogue and respect for people
• Diversity as an opportunity
• Transparency, openness and honesty
• Professionalism and innovation

The Democratic Institute's four principles of action
Implemented in all of the Institute's educational and social projects and partnerships:
• Dialogue
• Participation
• Accountability
• Individual and community's mutuality
• Social activism

• Training more than 600 education students as change agents promoting a democratic culture
• Accompanying organizational change processes in more than 500 education and community facilities (schools, culture and sports centers, youth movements, community centers)
• Accompanying change processes in educational and community arenas in more than 20 local authorities
• Training hundreds of senior officers in the public, state and local government sectors
• Developing accessible democratic culture knowledge • Accompanying projects promoting democratic culture by graduates of the institute’s training programs

Our uniqueness
Our people – the institute has a diverse staff of more than a hundred optimistic people, who are deeply committed to social change and professionalism in leading change and training processes
Living democracy – connecting democratic ideas and concepts to culture and everyday life
Innovation and diversity – the ability to translate our principles to various educational and social arenas and create innovative and groundbreaking projects
Walk the walk – the Democratic Institute operates as a democratic organization. It operates through forums, systems and regulations to promote the influence of both managers and workers.


The Netivim Program
Bachelor’s degree in educational – environmental leadership in the Negev The Challenge The Negev region is home to both Jewish and Bedouin populations, which rarely get to meet and delve into common issues. The “Netivim” progr ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations
Shvilim (Paths)
The Challenge Israel’s education system today is lacking in quality teachers and educators who are driven by vision and want to lead the system into the twenty-first century. Paths operates in the Negev in order to locate and train those educat ...
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Jisr e-Zarka: A Sea of Education
The Challenge Jisr a-Zarqa was one our DI’s most challenging projects. This Israeli Arab town has deplorable socio-economic conditions and the mayor was determined to make dramatic progress by applying the Education City model. Project Descript ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Negev Bedouin, Women
Halutz Program for Shared Society
The Challenge Every year about 1,500 new teachers join the Israeli education system. About 40% – many of whom have high or excellent profiles – leave within the first five years of their employment. Among the reasons why high-quality teac ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations
The Democratic Institute
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