Pitchon Lev

Pitchon Lev

The Pitchon Lev organization sees great importance in equality of opportunity, narrowing educational gaps between Arab youth and Jewish youth, and encourages the investment of resources in Arab youth for their success. The educational program is important both on a personal and national level: It works among youth on strengthening personal abilities on the one hand and strengthening Social affiliation on the other hand, thus enabling them to integrate optimally into society - in high school, in higher studies, in vocational studies or in employment.

The program for empowerment and leadership development "Touching the Horizon" educational project from Pitchon Lev is intended for youth with potential, talent and desire who need assistance in order to realize their abilities, and in many cases live in the social and geographic periphery of Israel. Its main goal is to develop the natural resources of the youth, to strengthen their self-confidence and their belief in their abilities to succeed in life. All while addressing their personal, social and cultural needs and coping with the complex challenges facing Arab youth in Israel.

Empowerment programs are taught by Arabic-speaking facilitators, who serve as a model for success for youth and have essential character traits such as charisma, self-confidence, leadership and interpersonal communication skills.

General Goals:

1. To provide tools for each child to successfully integrate into Israeli society both academically and professionally

2. To increase the sense of personal competence so that each child can fulfill their dreams.

3. Develop personal skills that allow each child to shape their future at will.

4. To develop a sense of personal and social responsibility for children and youth in Arab society for their environment and community 

5. To bring together the various Israeli populations, the Arab society and the state

Program 5 Integration of Arab Youth Into Israeli Society
Stage A – High School The program will run for three years in high school in classes 10-12 Number of students: 25 Number of sessions: 26 Mode of Operation: Program 5 is a four hour morning program integrated into the school schedule. The class ...
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