Hesegim to Hi-Tech

Hesegim to Hi-Tech

According to a report by the Israel Student Association in 2017, full-time bachelor's degree holders earn an average of 60 percent more than high-school graduates who have not continued full-time higher education. Moreover, engineering, science and computer graduates earn an average of 10% more than the average income of all fields, while graduates of the humanities and social sciences earn 15% less than the average income of all fields. In addition, the chief economist at the Ministry of Finance shows in a report published on July 2017, that the chances of young adult whose parents are in the lower quintile to rise to the top increase when they study areas in which mathematics studies are relatively high-level such as engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics and physics.

Not only are graduates of engineering and exact sciences earning more, according to the Innovation Authority Report of 2016, there are about 10,000 engineers and programmers missing in the Israel economy. So that graduates are guaranteed quality employment that suits their education.

"Hesegim for High-Tech" provides a one-time opportunity for young people, without admission to academic studies and who find it difficult to meet the economic burden of studies, to acquire an academic education - a bachelor's
degree in engineering and science at 3 of the leading institutions of higher education in Israel. The program provides an opportunity for social mobility for young people from the socio-economic periphery and at the same time meets
the national need for greater and more diverse undergraduate graduates in science and engineering.

The program includes 450 students, 110 (about 25%) of whom are from Arab society.

The program works in cooperation with the Council for Higher Education following a government decision initiated by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance. Three academic institutions are partners in the program: the Technion, Ben-Gurion University and Bar-Ilan University.

The Aluma – for Social Involvement and for Jewish Identity organization was founded in 1983 by the Religious Kibbutz Movement, out of a commitment to the existence and prosperity of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Aluma encourages young men and women from underrepresented populations in centers of influence within Israeli society, to join circles of action and contribution, while maintaining their unique values and lifestyles. By providing information, advice, and gui ...
Hesegim to Hi-Tech
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