Advancing Democratic Values in Israeli-Arab Schools

Advancing Democratic Values in Israeli-Arab Schools

Rationale: Most Israeli-Arab youth are growing up in a culture where the interests of the clan take precedence over democratic values and where critique of the system or of “the elders” is strongly discouraged. LGG seeks to inspire a cultural shift among the youth by educating them towards a more democratic approach to leadership and encouraging them to take action to influence the system.

Activities: “Promoting Democratic Values Among Israeli-Arab Youth” is an unprecedented, educational outreach initiative to raise awareness of the corruption within Israeli-Arab local government and to present a more democratic, alternative model. The program consists of educational workshops for high school students across the Israeli-Arab sector, exploring the values of transparency, freedom of information, the Rule of Law and civic activism focusing on examples of positive changes and the movement towards a more democratic approach within the Israeli-Arab sector. They aim to expose the students to the damage caused by the traditional, undemocratic system in contrast to the benefits of a more democratic model.

In the first two years of the program (2017-2019), LGG was able to create a critical mass of more informed youth: During this period, close to 3,000 Arab-Israeli students participated in the program’s workshops – students who, if it wasn’t for this initiative, would have graduated without ever being exposed to these important issues.


Lawyers for Good Governance
LGG’s mission is to promote transparency, encourage greater civic involvement and fight corruption within local government in the Israeli-Arab sector. By improving the functioning of Israeli-Arab local government and the quality of the services they provide to their constituents, LGG seeks to advance the socioeconomic standing of the Israeli-Arab sector. Corruption, nepotism and abuse of power are widespread among Israeli-Arab municipalities. This is mainly due to the traditional and clan- ...
Advancing Democratic Values in Israeli-Arab Schools
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