LGG Hotline

LGG Hotline

Rationale: There is very little awareness among the Israeli-Arab public of why, how and with whom their concerns about local government can be raised in a constructive way that will lead to positive change. LGG THUS created the complaints and advice hotline to encourage members of the public to raise their concerns about specific cases of corruption and inefficiency among Israeli-Arab municipalities. Furthermore, this hotline enables LGG to identify problems among the municipalities more quickly and often, at an earlier stage.

Activities: The LGG hotline is the only impartial, confidential and free-of-charge Arabic language service through which members of the public can submit corruption-related complaints or seek free legal advice. The line is run by volunteers (lawyers and law students) who receive specialized training by LGG. LGG’s lawyers examine the complaints, investigate their merits and assess what actions should be taken. Civic engagement is critical to creating long-term change and LGG views this service as an essential component of encouraging greater public involvement.

Impact and Expansion: LGG currently receives an average of 65 calls per month but in the coming year, seeks to double the number of 100 calls per month by:

a) Publicizing and promoting the hotline more widely: online, in the Arabic press and through local community centers, activists and networks

b) Training more volunteers to field calls and thus increasing the line’s hours of operation

Lawyers for Good Governance
LGG’s mission is to promote transparency, encourage greater civic involvement and fight corruption within local government in the Israeli-Arab sector. By improving the functioning of Israeli-Arab local government and the quality of the services they provide to their constituents, LGG seeks to advance the socioeconomic standing of the Israeli-Arab sector. Corruption, nepotism and abuse of power are widespread among Israeli-Arab municipalities. This is mainly due to the traditional and clan- ...
LGG Hotline
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