Lawyers for Good Governance

Lawyers for Good Governance

LGG’s mission is to promote transparency, encourage greater civic involvement and fight corruption within local government in the Israeli-Arab sector. By improving the functioning of Israeli-Arab local government and the quality of the services they provide to their constituents, LGG seeks to advance the socioeconomic standing of the Israeli-Arab sector.

Corruption, nepotism and abuse of power are widespread among Israeli-Arab municipalities. This is mainly due to the traditional and clan-based nature of local leadership in the Israeli-Arab sector and inevitably results in poor quality of services for the Israeli-Arab population.

Founded in 2014 by a group of Israeli-Arab lawyers, Lawyers for Good Governance (LGG) is the only NGO directly addressing this problem.

LGG seeks to ensure that the management of Israeli-Arab municipal bodies is guided by the democratic principles of professionalism, integrity and transparency and adopts a three-pronged approach to achieve this goal:

a) Pursuit of legal action against dysfunctional municipalities

b) Encouraging civic involvement through a confidential complaints and advice hotline

c) Anti-corruption educational and outreach initiatives

LGG Hotline
Rationale: There is very little awareness among the Israeli-Arab public of why, how and with whom their concerns about local government can be raised in a constructive way that will lead to positive change. LGG THUS created the complaints and ad ...
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LGG Public Outreach & Education
Rationale: There is little discussion among the Israeli-Arab public of the basic values of democracy such as transparency, good governance and the rule of law. Similarly, there is insufficient awareness of the value of civic participation and th ...
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Investigation of Complaints & Pursuit of Legal Action
Investigation of Complaints & Pursuit of Legal Action Rationale: Local authorities have a legal obligation to uphold minimal standards of transparency, equality, public interest, fairness and efficiency. Thus, legal action, or even the threa ...
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Advancing Democratic Values in Israeli-Arab Schools
Rationale: Most Israeli-Arab youth are growing up in a culture where the interests of the clan take precedence over democratic values and where critique of the system or of “the elders” is strongly discouraged. LGG seeks to inspire a ...