Heznek La'atid

Heznek La'atid

Heznek La’atid was established in 2000 to increase the social mobility of communities from Israel’s socio-geographic peripheries through education, advanced studies and vocational training. The organization successfully develops and operates unique educational programs geared towards young people aged 15-30. Heznek offers programming for outstanding students, youth on the verge of dropping out of school, middle school and high school, vocational
school and university students. Heznek currently supports 8,000 young adults annually in 100 active centers throughout the country. Since its inception, over 19,000 participants have benefited from Heznek’s programs.

With our focus on the periphery, Heznek has been working, since its inception, within Arab society. Today, every one of our programs is operated within Arab communities all over Israel. We have become the NGO to offer the most comprehensive framework of educational and vocational programming for youth and young adults within Arab Israeli society. This past year, we served thousands of Arab Israelis in our various programs, with many of our participants supported by our programs for up to eight years, from middle school to high school, throughout academia, to successful vocational integration.

Heznek for Arab Israeli Society is a dynamic response to the unique educational challenges facing Arab society, and it has yielded many high school diplomas,vocational diplomas, and academic degrees. This program was recentlyintroduced to the Inter Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues.

Heznek La'atid
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