Liali - Association for Development and Promotion of Educati...

Liali - Association for Development and Promotion of Education, Welfare and Research Among the Negev Bedouin

Liali was founded in the spirit of the belief that innovative organizations committed to bettering the quality of life of the Negev Bedouin should arise from within the Bedouin community. "Liali" strives to improve awareness about, access to and utilization of existing social and educational services as well as to initiate, develop and implement culturally sensitive initiatives where services are lacking. In addition, Liali advances special projects to promote tolerance, understanding and coexistence in the Negev. Liali's main goals are:

  • Development and operation of educational programs for youth at risk
  • Development of services for children with special needs
  • Development and operation of rehabilitation programs for people with mental illness
  • The promotion of research in various topics relevant to the Bedouin society